San Francisco

Isn't time a funny, beautiful thing? In the space of just three short months, I've uprooted myself from one beautiful city called Sydney to another -- San Francisco.

Here are a few of the stories I've made so far in my time in this gorgeous town, all with CNET/CBS News.

Danyal's first birthday

Though I certainly don't remember turning one, I do know for sure that there would have been much merriment and love from those around me.

That's why I love documenting cihldrens' birthday parties; capturing memories that will mean so much later on down the track.

Danyal turned one in December 2013. I have known his wonderful mother Farha since I first started at CNET. She was actually the first person to see me on camera during that my initial video interview and has helped me grow as a videographer and presenter ever since.

On a sunny Sunday morning in Farha and Yusuf's backyard, Danyal was all smiles and playful poses as his friends and parents celebrated a birthday. Here are some of those precious moments. Click for the larger versions.